Vision & Mission

COMPANY BACKGROUND : Seven Global is the leading distributor of the most complicated,unique high end. The company has more than fifteen years of experience and has done well in terms of market share, capital base, human resource expertise, branch network and service.

OUR VISION : To be the biggest and most preferred supplier of Stationery and Information and Communication Technology in the world.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT : To provide First Class Service in pursuance of our vision

Our Values : Fairness Teamwork Superior service delivery Corporate social responsibility Compliance to statutory regulations

Corporate Governance

Seven Global is committed to fully exercise good corporate practices in compliance with local and international general accepted principles through various specialized committees of the board. The company aims to achieve the highest ethical principles of discipline, openness, integrity, transparency, responsibility, fairness and accountability in its dealings with all its stakeholders

Seven Global board of directors comprises of two executive directors. The board is responsible to the shareholders for setting the direction of the company through the establishment of strategies, objectives and key policies through a structured approach to reporting and accountability. Instead of involving the full board in handling every matter, specialized committees have been established to address matters that require detailed or in-depth consideration.